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Your Volvo partner in the capital of Europe for Diplomatic Sales

Sterckx - De Smet is the biggest Volvo group in Belgium with 4 establishments in and around the capital of Europe.

As a Volvo Diplomatic Sales partner we are proud to serve the diplomat community offering one of the most comprehensive diplomat sales programs on the market.

It’s all about you

Taking up a post in the capital of Europe as a member of the diplomatic community or international organisation is an important position. At your service finding somewhere to live and buying a car are often two top priorities for diplomatic and embassy staff when they begin their posting.

As a Volvo Diplomat customer, you’ll be able to order your new Volvo at Sterckx – De Smet, tailored to your unique requirements, at a discounted price and with a premium level of service and exclusivity guaranteed.

We are privileged to serve:

We are looking forward to welcome you in Asse/Zellik, Halle, Drogenbos and Sint-Genesius-Rode/Waterloo.

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